So Different But So Beautiful Women In Their Everyday Lives

The book between books, the seventh petal, the muse, homemaker, mother, sister, the unsolved mystery of the Universe - it's all about women. Sometimes we think that we know everything about women. But just after a second our wisdom dissipates... Naughty or sad, rebellious or calming, silent or extremely verbose - so different and unpredictable women make our world more beautiful and meaningful. First, they are the adornment of the world around them. Second, without women there will be no one to defend and nothing to strive for! We collected photos showing what a multi-faceted and charming women can be.

1. Mother

2. Business-woman

3. The person who is able to combine work and family

5. The life of the party

7. Temptress

8. The creator of the future

9. Vulnerable

10. Always beautiful

12. Playful

13. The best chef

14. Defencelessness

17. The avatar of the natural beauty and harmony

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