The 10 Best DIY Leather Accessories

Like the perfect pair of boots, leather can be that je ne sais quoi to DIY projects. From drawer pulls to plant hangers, it’s the perfect DIY material – durable, long lasting and it just gets better with age. DIY leather accessories are just what you need to make your style stand out.

1. Coasters

You'll need: coasters, scraps of faux leather in two colors, textile glue, scissors, small piece of cardboard or paper, pen.

2. Geometric Party Goods

Supplies: leather strap, heavy duty or leather scissors, leather hole punch, a mallet or hammer, Martha Stewart Transfer Adhesive, Martha Stewart Foil Sheets, paint brush, cotton twine.

3. Passport Holder

What You Need:

* passport holder pattern * 3/4 oz. vegetable tanned leather (one square foot) * waxed linen thread (~110” total) * scratch awl * stitching awl * utility knife * cutting mat * ruler * wool dauber * leather conditioner * 2 craft needles (~2 3/8” long) * soft cloth

4. Bracelet

Perhaps you need this ides as pressies for your maids? (Or as a fun project for yourself, of course).

5. Notebook

These simple leather journals or sketchbooks would make great holiday gifts for the writers, doodlers, list-makers, or note-takers in your life.

6. Leather Luggage Tag

This is the best gift for people who travel a lot! If you need a luggage tag that is as tough as this (rather large) suitcase, and one that would stand out, this idea is for you!

7. Leather Bottom Clutch

This clutch is our new favorite! Supplies Needed: Leather, patterned cotton fabric + solid lining cotton, 18 inch zipper, scissors, sewing machine.

8. Laptop Case

This project is as easy as it gets. The materials and process are very simple and the whole thing can be done in less than an hour. It is one piece of leather bound together on both sides by simple brass rivets.

9. Collar Necklace

You can take almost any plain shirt or sweater and transform it into a stylish outfit with this simple DIY!

10. Phone Case

This DIY is super easy; the combination of basic materials and a printable template means even a novice crafter can produce this chic, simple phone case for themselves or as a gift in no time.