The 10 Best Luscious Cherry Cakes

Everything with cherries is always tastier. It’s like the old expression: “the cherry on the top of the cake”, which means when after few good things that happened, the last one is the best and enrich the situations on positive way.

1. Triple Chocolate Cherry Cake

Recipe (source):

For chocolate lovers only! You can even bake it ahead and stash in the freezer - wrapped well, it will keep up to 2 weeks.

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2. Dark Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake

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The dessert that could be the centerpiece for your next party or gathering.

3. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Oreo Cake

Recipe (source):

You can serve it chilled or at room temp. When it is at room temp. the chocolate covered cherries ooze that glorious creamy cherry filling over the cake and add such fantastic flavor!

4. Meyer Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake

Recipe (source):

This coffee cake pairs cherries with in-season Meyer (or regular) lemons, giving this cozy winter treat a ‘lil taste of summer.

5. White Chocolate Cherry Cake

Recipe (source):

This cake was inspired by the White Chocolate Cherry Cake recipe featured in Judita Wignall’s Going Raw book. What you’ll need: CRUST, 1/2 cup raw walnuts, 1/2 cup raw almonds, 1/3 cup medjool dates, pinch of salt, coconut oil.

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6. Cherry Skillet Cake

Recipe (source):

This cake is adapted from Gourmet’s famousRaspberry Buttermilk Cake. We used a mix of Bing and Rainier cherries in this cake.

7. No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

Recipe (source):

Cheesecake has a long (and delicious) history and is a much desired and sought after dessert during the holiday season. From pumpkin and fudge-bottom to a super easy no-bake cherry cheesecake, check out our new spins on this holiday favorite.

8. Cherry Vanilla Cake

Recipe (source):

Cherry cake sounds pretty great in theory but it made me a little anxious. It isn’t a slam dunk like raspberry or strawberry. It requires more finesse because the flavor can be way too strong or barely there.

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9. Cherry-Chocolate Chip Cake

Recipe (source):

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cake is a homespun cake that tastes like chocolate-covered cherries, and is the perfect treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

10. Cherry Angel Cream Cake

Recipe (source):

If you like cream cakes, here is this angel cream cherry cake. The taste of all ingredients is light so it’s easy to eat. In combination with a cup of coffee goes perfectly.

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