The 10 Best Luxurious Villas in California

Take a look on these breathtaking and different style villas and transfer your mind for a while over-there. We wish you to go someday to stay in one of them and having your best vacation in life. We concluded that Palm Springs has the most luxurious villas on the west coast. But here are also the villas in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. Which area you like the most and where do you prefer to go?

1. La Jolla 10, San Diego

This impressive residence overlooks the Pacific Ocean and famous Windasea beach from an elevated position, and has immediate access to the sandy beach.

2. Villa Sophia, Los Angeles

LA Weekly's 'The Best Place to Pretend You're a Celebrity for a Day - 2013' , The Villa Sophia is a glamorous five star luxury designer GUEST HOUSE with private pool and grounds. Location of many TV, movie and fashion shoots including TV show 'Entourage', Victoria's Secret, Vogue, W and GQ Magazines. Former home of cult director, James Whale, best known for his films Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

3. Twin Palms Sinatra Estate, Palm Springs

In 1947, Frank Sinatra commissioned legendary Palm Springs architect, E. Stewart Williams, to build Twin Palms, a sprawling, four-bedroom, mid-century masterpiece. Composing and carousing were both on the menu during Ol’ Blue Eyes’ tenure, and this historical building still retains its classic Hollywood charm, while recent upgrades have introduced luxurious, contemporary amenities.

4. Platinum Triangle, Beverly Hills

The exclusive Beverly Hills 90210 zip code is one that needs no introduction and it is there, among the homes Hollywood’s elite, that you’ll find L.A. Villa. The stylish four-bedroom house was built by a renowned French architect and overflows with all the amenities you could want for a relaxing stay surrounded by the finer things in life.

5. Lilypool, Holywood

Amid lush, coastal flora of the Hollywood Hills, above the world-famous Sunset Strip, you’ll find Lilypool, a picturesque three bedroom villa ideal for couples or families. You’ll enjoy a tranquil, private setting provided by the surrounding hills and plants, in a neighborhood filled with Hollywood stars.

6. Palm Springs 1, Palm Springs

This luxury 3 bedroom 3.5 bathroom is complete with private pool, spa and BBQ. This one is close type of villa, which view looks at the private pool.

7. Alexander Modern, Palm Springs

This one floor villa, offers 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Outside has nice private pool, with tables and sofas where you can enjoy the luxury of California and the warm summer days.

8. La Jolla 24, San Diego

We like this one because is half on a hill. That makes it looks nice. This impressive residence overlooks the Pacific Ocean and famous Windasea beach from an elevated position, and has immediate access to the sandy beach.

9. Hercules Estate, Hollywood

Can you believe this is villa where you can stay, or live in? It looks like some business center with all these glass walls. It is so luxurious. We fell in love with it!

10. Cabana las Floras, Santa Barbara

This is a normal size villa with a luxurious garden. You have a feeling like you are in the middle of the jungle, with an untouched natural pools, rivers, lakes.