The 10 Best Practical DIY Shelves

Looking for more storage space? Wall shelves are a simple solution. They blend form, function, and style and make any room work just a little harder.

1. Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

It looks so vintage! We love the texture of the jute burlap material on the outside.

2. Corner Shelving System

Instead of buying a pricy shelving system from a home store, you can buy shelving standards and poplar wood to make your own!

3. Hanging Bathroom Shelf

For this project you'll need: whitewood or pine board, wood screws, Gorilla Wood Glue, Sisal Rope from your local hardware store, Cute hook (cute is not optional ;-))

4. Book Shelves

The bookshelves themselves are actually pretty simple to make. You'll need five 10 ft boards of 1x4's, and five 6 ft of 1x2 boards.

5. DIY Wall Shelves

These shelves are perfect for displaying your collectibles, photos, travel mementos or just about anything.

6. Fast and Easy Shelving

What can be better than transform bare bathroom walls with functional and decorative crate shelving?

7. DIY Shelf with Hanging Storage Tutorial

You'll need a plank for the top, a plank below the top (to get the layered look) and a plank for the vertical board. In order to get the right shelf depth for the brackets, you need a 10 inch deep plank.

8. Flat Wall Book Holders

The whole project will take maybe an afternoon and most of it you'll spend waiting for the paint to dry.

9. Crown Molding Ledges

Build your own crown molding ledges from solid wood and mdf crown to fit your space.

10. DIY Shelving with Cabot Stain

The best solutions for odd spaces is shelving. With some Cabot stain, 1 x 8’s and a few brackets you can put together a fresh space.