The 10 Best Winter Wildlife Pictures

This season is perfect for taking pictures from wild animals. That’s why we’ve made this amazing picture collection from winter wildlife. All pictures are fascinating and impressive, because winter light offers photographers and nature-lovers fantastic opportunities to take memorable shots. Enjoy the view!

1. Deer Surviving Cold Weather

Strong and brave!

2. Adorable Leopard in The Snow

Cats can be rather dangerous! Especially this one!

3. Tiger Portrait in Snow

Photo of this gorgeous cat was made by Jeff. Published on June 22, 2011.

4. Rabbit in Winter Wonderland

This rabbit is also called a varying hare, the snowshoe hare changes from brown in the summer to white in the winter.

5. Bald Eagle Staring Down

This bald eagle stares down at us from high atop a lightpost on the Homer Spit.

6. Beautiful White Wolf

The winter wolves habits are similar to those of a normal wolf. It will hunt either by itself or in packs. But look at this picture, he is incredible!

7. Colorado Chipmunk

A Colorado Chipmunk pauses for an instance before continuing to forage for the upcoming winter.

8. Wolf Jumping in the Snow

Young and brave wolf jumping in the snow.

9. Dangerous Tiger

We are scared of him! And you?

10. Bird in a Snowy Atmosphere

Look at her color! It's too beautiful!