Top 10 Apps Every Woman Will Love

We have meticulously selected the 10 best applications for your devices! Using the apps you can easily plan your day, organize your life, save money, monitor your health and have fun!

1. Stylicious

According to a recent article in the Telegraph, an average woman will spend one year of her life choosing what to wear. This closet app can help you get back that year of your life! Organize your closet, plan your outfits, get inspired by the app's stylists with daily updates, and rediscover the fun of shopping. The app was Featured in Time Magazine, New York Fashion Week + Verizon, Techlicious and more. With the help of this amazing app you'll able to snap the pictures of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, store them in Stylicious and after use them to create looks or to plan what to wear. You may also have fun shopping, discover fabulous fashion finds, create a look with them, share them or buy them. Mix, match, play, and create amazing outfits in seconds! The app also offers additional options such as: Shopping Bookmarks that let you see when your favorite fashion brands go on sale and Travel planner that adds clothes from the closet organizer or outfits from Lookbook to quickly pack for your trip. Looking Stylish is fun, easy and within budget with Stylicious!

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2. Snapguide

Snapguide, is the app for those who want to create and share step-by-step “how to guides”. The creators of this project host easy to understand instructions for a wide array of topics including cooking, gardening, crafts, repairs, do-it-yourself projects, fashion tips, entertaining and more. Everyone is welcome to create their own guides, so that they can share their passions and expertise with the Snapguide community. Let's say you know how to bake a delicious cake or fix a fence and you want to share your process with others. Using Snapguide, you can use pictures, videos, and text to create a guide that you can publish and send out to friends. You can also use Snapguide to connect with people who share your interests and explore other how-to guides that show you something new. Of course, our favorite board of Pinterest is DIY Projects and with this amazing app you can easily follow any project step-by-step.

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3. Evernote

Evernote builds apps and products that are defining the way individuals and teams work today. Whatever you’re working toward, Evernote’s job is to make sure you get there. From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion. Easily gather everything that matters. Clip web articles, capture handwritten notes, and snap photos to keep the physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times. Your words, images, and documents are always close at hand. Evernote’s powerful search and discovery features make everything you’ve collected easy to find. Have fast, effective meetings by presenting your work as it evolves. No need to build slides, just one click and your notes are transformed into a beautiful screen-friendly layout. Sync across all devices!

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4. Nike Training Club

Your personal trainer. Anytime, Anywhere. The Nike+ Training Club app helps you track your progress, stay motivated and train better. With over 100 full body workouts designed by Nike Master Trainers and monthly workouts led by Pro Athletes, you’ll reach your fitness goals in no time. Whether you want to get lean, get toned, or get strong, find a workout designed for your fitness level. Choose one workout or commit to a 4-week program. Whatever you do, take control. Get inspired by the best and work out with Nike ProAthletes and fitness role models. Stream N+TC workouts from your phone to your TV or tablet and train the way you want at home. Measure your hard-earned effort and track progress by number of workouts, minutes, average calories and NikeFuel. Get motivated with minute milestones and inspirational messages from the Club. Share your workouts, big achievements and more with your friends.

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5. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Deciding what to make for dinner just got a little easier with Allrecipes' updated Dinner Spinner app. The updated app now allows you to keep track of what food items you have at home in a virtual pantry, and scan items at the grocery store with your smartphone to find recipes to make with that item. With one click a home cook can scan an item, and with another add it to their shopping list, search for a recipe or save it in their scan history creating a virtual pantry on their mobile device so they know what they have at home when they're at the store. So, what sorts of things are people cooking? Allrecipes says the top recipe is ''Good Old Fashioned Pancakes.'' Second place goes to "World's Best Lasagna," followed by Banana Banana Bread, Easy Meatloaf, and then Easy Sugar Cookies. Let's feel in the role of the best Chef ever!

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6. Baby Connect

Baby Connect app synchronizes information with your spouse, babysitter, nanny or daycare wherever they are. You can record not only feedings, nursing, naps, diapers, milestones, pumping, but also the baby's mood, temperature, what kind of game he's playing, his gps location, and attach pictures. You can compare with previous day and previous week averages, and view the data on graphs to identify trends. You can view when was the last medicine or vaccine. You can also track weight, height, and head size, compare with the US or International percentiles and display the growth chart. You can also setup notifications to be immediately informed when something happens, and set a reminder alarm and be notified when it's time for the next feeding, diaper change, medicine. If you change or lose your phone, no information is lost, you can always connect to your account at with a browser or with another phone. DescriptionPicked by Apple as a featured App for Busy Moms, Baby Connect is the #1 and the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the AppStore.

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7. Hub Family Organizer

Hub keeps your home and family organized. It's great for couples, families, parents, kids and anyone who needs to stay organized together. Share calendars, lists, tasks, photos and more. Everything that's important in one place. Manage events and meetings, and share them regardless if your using google, hotmail, outlook, gmail, or yahoo. Use month view or week list agenda view. It's your entire event schedule and agenda manager - your family calendar. Share grocery lists, shopping lists, todo lists and more. Set due dates, reminders and be more productive. It's a cozy way to keep organized with everyone. It's great for couples, families, parents, kids and anyone who needs to stay organized together. Chosen by Apple as the Number 1 best new productivity app.

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8. Goby

Goby is a clever little app that aims to help you find something to do, wherever you are. The app's home screen offers three main options. The first is labeled ''Find cool stuff near me today.'' Tap that one, and the next screen asks you to choose from a category, like ''Things To Do'' or ''Places to stay.'' You can resort the results alphabetically or by distance. The other two buttons on a home screen are ''Make weekendplans'' and ''Explore a new location.’' ''Make weekend plans'' works the same way as the ''Find cool stuff…'' button, but unsurprisingly looks ahead to the weekend instead of the current day. ''Explore a new location'' lets you tell Goby to find events somewhere else, in the event you're traveling elsewhere. Goby's free, and it helps us discover unexpected nearby fun places. The app is as cute as it is simple and it works really well!

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9. Sale Saver

Sale Saver is the shopper's best friend. No more need to do math in your head. Quickly factor in multiple discounts to see how much you will save. With this amazing app you can quickly calculate the bargain on the rack with easy to use sliders that calculate the final price based on a percent off, additional percentage coupons, and your local tax rate. Sale Saver allows you to place individual items in a convenient shopping cart, allowing you to see your growing total as you browse the store or the final amount from a day of shopping. Want to see how much that shirt, pants and belt are at 35% off? One simple screen scrolls to let you know what you're really saving. Sale Saver is friendly for the world market, with international currencies available. It is also customizable with a variety of fun backgrounds to fit your mood - choose one of the many built-in options or choose one of your own photos from your photo library!

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10. WebMD

Get Trusted Health Information. Whenever. Wherever. Check your symptoms, access drug and treatment information, get first aid essentials, and check local health listings on the go, from the most trusted brand in health information. WebMD Symptom Checker selects the part of the body that is troubling you, choose your symptoms, and learn about potential conditions or issues. The extensive database for information on drugs, supplements, and vitamins has a wide description of uses, side effects, warnings, and more. Pill Identification Tool identifies your prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines by pill shape, color, and imprint. And one of the most useful option is Local Health Listings that finds the closest physician, hospital, and pharmacy based on your current location, or search by city, state, or ZIP-code. From insect stings to broken bones, helpful treatment tips are always available, even without an Internet connection!

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