Top 4 Nail Art Prints

When you want your nails done there are a few different nail art designs that you can choose from. You can do these yourself or you can go to the salon and get them done instead. There are so many options, but here are a few that you may like to use.

1. Zebra Print

Image by tumblr

There are a lot of different zebra print colors you can use in order to make everything look perfect on your nails or toe nails. You can use a variety of colors when you are trying to make some decent zebra print art. many use the already made nail art, but you can make your own using some fingernail polish that you have. All you have to do is get the colors and just start making your own little zebra print art.

2. Plain Solid Colors

Image by lolobu

We are not all great artists and sometimes we just want something solid, so if you are one that just wants something simple then you should try and do a solid color instead. There are a lot of different colors out there that you can use in order to make everything look good. You can use sold blue, green, purple, yellow, black ext instead of using other colors that are combined or just mixed in. plain colors are great to use on your nails too. You do not have to worry about messing up and starting over most of the time.

3. Paw Print

Image by alyssaswoon

Paw prints may not be that easy to do, but you can rest assure that you will be able to make it look like a paw or you can get them done by a nail tech. Paw prints are good to have and they are very pretty it is just sometimes you may have to take some extra steps in order to make the paw look presentable. The paws can be different colors or the same color you can be as creative as possible when it comes to your own creations.

4. Flower Print

Image by floralls

The flower print is awesome and you can make these yourself as well. You do not need a nail tech unless you want to have one, because there are many ways you can do a nice flower that you will enjoy. You do not have to use the stem at all it can be all pedals which can be all sorts of colors once you get started. Remember that you can use your toes and decorate those as well, so make sure that you find the print that you want and then be as creative as possible.