Top 5 Dating Mistakes Men Make

What was previously considered to be proper dating etiquette for men—like throwing down your coat so that a woman won’t get mud on her shoes—is now seen as corny or unnecessary by most people. Today, women are looking for a real man who lives with integrity, not a guy who pretends to be a 1920’s-style gentleman to hopefully impress her on a date. So, make sure your potential boyfriend avoid these common dating etiquette mistakes:

1. Automatically Picking Up the Tab

A classic dating etiquette mistake is to assume that it’s the man’s responsibility to pick up the tab for everything. This was considered proper dating etiquette for men a couple of generations ago, but modern women are usually independent women and often have their own job and income.

2. Immediately Planning a Series of Follow-Up Dates

Most modern women want to finish a first date and see how they feel about it afterwards, instead of committing to a lifelong relationship before the waiter has even brought out your food. You can chat and flirt with each other a bit more on the phone and then arrange another time to meet up.

3. Behaving as Though He is a “Gentleman” From the 1920s

Man definitely should be a good guy and he definitely should be nice to women, but in today’s world, most women don’t expect or want you to behave like you’ve just stepped out of a black and white movie: avoiding physical contact, asking permission for a kiss or asking for permission to see her again.

4. Not Being True Self

Some guys make the mistake of taking a woman on date to somewhere they wouldn’t normally go, such as an expensive restaurant or upscale nightclub for example. Women are far more impressed by a guy who knows who he is and feels secure in who he is, than by a guy who feels the need to pretend to be someone he’s not.

5. Asking Woman to Lead the Way

When a guy is keen to impress a woman, especially on a first date, he’ll often make the mistake of asking her to decide where to go and what to do on the date. Most women don’t want to have to lead a guy and tell him what to do, when to do it and how. They’d rather have a guy who is confident enough in himself to lead the way.