Top 5 Seasonal Wedding Themes

When it comes to wedding themes there are so many out there. You want to choose one that is fit for the season of the year, so there will be no weather surprises.

1. Summer Beach Theme

Image by karentran

Having your wedding on the beach in the Summer time is a great way to get everyone excited. You can even do this in doors, but there would be no fun in that. When on the beach you will have the real beach sand and the nice fresh air. Standing by the water will take your breath away. This summer wedding theme would be perfect.

2. Traditional Wedding

Image by aproposcreations

When you think about weddings you think about the full traditional theme. This theme is done at the church in front of your friends and family. You can do this theme anytime of the year, but it really comes in handy if you are within the cold or hot seasons. When raining you may want to retreat indoors as well and have something more comfortable and simple.

3. Fall Theme

Image by nuediamonds

Yes the fall is one season where weddings tend to happen. You can cuff up and have a nice fall theme without all the hassle. You can have your wedding outside by a tree that has nice falling brown leaves or you can just think of an indoor seasonal wedding theme that you would love to create.

4. Spring theme

Image by bridalguide

In the spring rain tends to fall, but if the weather is nice on the day of your wedding then being outside might be the way to go. You can share your moments with nice colored flowers and some spring decorations. This theme in question is nice to have when your wedding is falling on one of these springy days. Anything goes with spring, so think of something springy and have a great time.

5. Winter Theme

Image by annophotos

The winter months can be really cold, so be sure that you bundle up before you walk out the door. Winter weddings are mostly done inside, so something that has to deal with winter can be a nice theme for you. If you are daring and love being outside I would suggest a light snow wedding theme. When there is light snow the pictures will come out amazing. Take a chance and try ot have a snowy wedding that you and your spouse would love.