Top 5 Summer Items to Never Live Without

There are a few things that you should never go through summer without. Many of these items are a give in, but some of them we forget about at times. These items will be something that we wear and use all the time especially during the summer months. You should always have these items no matter where you go this summer.

1. Flip Flops

Image by weddingbee

Yes flip flops is a sign that summer is approaching. When we go outside we should never forget to wear our favorite flip flops. When you start your summer vacation you can fix your toes and then start wearing your flip flops all around time.

2. Shorts

Image by cuteoutfits

Wearing shorts is another give in that we should never live without. Sometimes we tend to wear other things like pants or capris, but summer is when we should pull out the shorts and just walk around coll even when it is really hot outside. Shorts are nice and can be worn all the time, but the summer is when you are really in need of them.

3. Tank Tops

Image by horsejumpergirl

Tank tops are the best clothing accessory you should wear when it is really hot out. These small shirts will give you more room and keep you a little cooler when it is hot. Tank tops can be worn all the time and you can even wear spaghetti straps if you want that little extra room. Being sweaty is not a good thing in a short sleeve especially if it is your favorite shirt.

4. Swimwear

Image by victoria secret

This is the number one thing that we should never live without during the summer. Swimwear is a great item to have, because everyone goes swimming when it comes to the scorching heat. If you know that you are going to take a swim then make sure that you have enough swimsuits to go around or to last you all summer.

5. Lip Balm

Image by craftori

Lip balm that has spf in it will keep your lips from getting cracked. We often forget to carry this around in the summertime, because we are always stuck on the winter months. Make sure that you get yourself some nice lip balm so that your lips can stay cool and protected during the hot scoring summer. Lip balm that adds extra protection will be something to add to your summer list, so that you will never forget.